Best Ways to Wish Happy New Year 2019

New Year is the occasion which people all around the world rejoice blissfully. The most common way to celebrate Happy New Year is wishing each other by the mean of Happy New Year wishes. Therefore, what you have premeditated for this upcoming New Year 2019. How are you going to wish Happy New Year 2019 to your friends, family, and relatives? Here you will get to be acquainted with the best ways to wish Happy New Year 2019. The list embraces all the latest and best ways to wish Happy New Year 2019 to anyone you want. Thus, this year you can say Happy New Year 2019 from any of these ways.

Best Ways to Wish Happy New Year 2019

Well, Happy New Year is the best event to greet our friends and relatives with gifts, sweets, greeting cards, personalized gifts and lot more. We give away gifts to our loved ones to make their New Year begin on a sweet note. Nowadays, every country has adopted the New Year Gift Tradition. The main idea of gifting our beloved is to send warm wishes on the first auspicious day of the year. So here are the top best ways to wish Happy New Year 2019.

Flowers and Bouquets

Receiving a fresh bouquet of fresh flowers on the first day of New Year 2019 will be a great start for your friends or relatives. Flowers have always been a great gift to give to anyone on any occasion and Happy New Year is one of them. Flowers are purely peaceful and their fragrance will always remain around the house for a while. As many times as you see them, it will remind you of your loved ones who present them. Thus, this Happy New Year 2019 wishing method is going to surely work on this Happy New Year 2019.

Greeting Card

Greeting card with some best Happy New Year 2019 messages will be very impressive on this New Year 2019. Even you can write some best Happy New Year 2019 quotes on that greeting cards. This will surely go to work on this New Year 2019. The greeting card is a piece of card or high-quality paper featuring or conveying an expression of good will. They are given on the special occasions like Birthday, Christmas and New Year. They are mostly sent to convey thanks and express feelings of celebration. Greeting cards, usually packaged with an envelope come in a variety of styles. There is a wide range of greeting cards you can choose to send them or mail them to your family and friends.

Personalized Gifts

There is no other gift that contains feeling like personalized gifts. These are the gifts which you make by yourself and gift your loved ones. There are many gifts which you can make on your own. You can easily make a greeting card which only needs paper and some useful stationery items. Other than greeting card you can even make a picture frame with the picture of your loved ones and of whom you are sending them to.

Sweets/ Chocolates

When it comes to the festival, we can’t imagine it without sweets. Sweets or chocolates are the most preferable gifts in any festive season. They are pocket-friendly and everyone likes to have sweets and chocolate at any time. Buy some sweets this Happy New Year 2019 and gift them to your loved ones and you also have a handful of sweets for yourself.


Watches are always luxurious gifts to give away to your near and dear ones. You can even gift a bracelet or watch on this New Year 2019 which is engraved with a personal message. They will always remember you while looking down at the watch or a beautiful piece of jewelry. A piece of jewelry can never be ignored by anyone. Thus, if you can afford to purchase a beautiful watch or bracelets, try out this way to wish Happy New Year 2019.

Calendar/ Monthly Planner/ Diary

On the first day of New Year, a diary or a monthly planner can prove to be a good gift. By the help of this monthly planner, you can give them a reason to organize their daily routine and keep themselves organized. Diary can help them to keep them up with all their appointments. You can present this gift to colleagues in your office to wish Happy New Year 2019.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

Your loved ones will remember you every morning when HE/SHE will having their first coffee of the day. You can gift them mugs with different quotes written on it. Even you can decorate the mug by yourself and make it another personalized gift. With the latest technologies around us, you can even get a pictured mug of you and your family on it. Refresh your memories over a refreshing cup of coffee.

Piece of Jewelry/Accessories

A piece of jewelry or accessory can make a great gift for your female friends and relatives on this New Year 2019. A beautiful neck piece or a pair of earrings will make a good pair and even a complete package. A sling bag or a scarf can easily be a girl’s best friend. Options for girl’s jewelry or accessories are never going to run out. Think over what your female friends or relatives like and make their New Year day the best day.

Bottle of Wine

This tradition of celebrating with wine and champagne has been carried out since the medieval times. Any occasion in foreign countries is celebrated with wine and champagne. This tradition has now slowly taken its steps towards all the country too. So gifting someone a bottle a champagne and wine be good and it can be even done with the engraved message.


Crockery can be both luxurious and classy at the same time. It can be gifted to anyone as a New Year 2019 gift. A beautiful piece of crockery can gain all the attention at one’s house. Glass is a thing that never gets old by time, it only gets more and more beautiful. So this new year, you can even think of giving crockery as a ‘New Year’ wish.

In the last, we wish you a Successful and Prosperous New Year 2019 to you and you family!

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